I am no longer accepting new clients for counseling. My  practice is now limited to new and existing  coaching clients. I am still making appointments with existing counseling clients.

I’m William P. Meleney, a counselor, psychotherapist, and life coach. I am licensed by the State of Washington as a mental health counselor and a marriage and family therapist. I have years of experience and training in methods of personal counseling and have worked extensively with youth, adults and families in their homes, in my offices, on the street and in group homes. More importantly, though, I know how to listen and I know how to work to help you with whatever issues or goals you bring to the engagement. As a coach, I have 20+ years of experience helping relationships, the challenges of parenting, young people and adults with ADD/ADHD, and people going through significant change in their lives. I’d like to invite you to benefit from my experience by looking through the pages on this site and seeing how I can best be of help to you.

Counseling always takes place in my convenient office in Tacoma. Coaching clients meet with me in my office, in their homes, or in other places in the community and primarily by phone and email. Thus, we are not constrained by geography or time schedules and can focus intensely on their goals.

Life Is Change
Life is a bit like the kid’s game of running down the street, hooking your elbow around a parking meter, spinning around and letting go. In life, we are set off by our circumstances on a certain trajectory. As time unfolds, significant events occur and we are spun around those events and are thus in transition. When we let go or when the “gravitational pull” of the events lessens, we are sent off on a new trajectory. Life transitions, then, are inevitable and can be difficult, exhilarating, anxiety provoking, and transformative.

I’m here to help you navigate the stormy waters in your life or to set sail for a new destination and to master your own course.

Whether you are going to be in touch with me for coaching or for counseling, you will find that I am always guided by what you are teaching me about your needs and your resources. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.